MyTownVIP™ has a Digital Marketing Solution to Fit Your Business. We offer a tiered level approach to each marketing tool and marketing package. Most savvy business owners choose our Industry Specific Marketing Programs that have the synergy of combined products and are priced with cost savings, for optimal results. If you are looking for a one-off marketing tool you can choose your specific marketing service from the A La Carte Menu. And of course if you are looking for a custom solution, we are more than happy to tailor your Digital Marketing Platform for your business.

Things Our Clients Love

  • TRANSPARENCY — We  tell you what we're doing for you, we show you the results.
  • PRIVACY — We never share your information except to grow your business.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE — We  do the right thing.

Marketing Innovations Developed From Experience

Each MyTownVIP™ executive team member has decades of marketing and business experience to draw from. All of the executives have come from lengthy entrepreneur backgrounds and have banded together to create MyTownVIP™. We have created, tested and used many marketing tools over our business careers. We take a practical approach in choosing which marketing tools go to market under the MyTownVIP™ name. If our marketing tools do not elicit customers to interact with our clients or are not easy for the client’s staff members, we discard them.

We currently are testing our MyTownVIP™ Dashboard that is scheduled for release first quarter of 2019. The Dashboard will give our Clients one place to login to access their Digital Marketing Platform. This will afford our clients the access to each individual marketing tool within their marketing platform. Our clients can complete their own tasks or verify the status of any campaign within any of the marketing tools. The client business analytics can also be retrieved within the dashboard for the past 12 months. Each client has their own separate and siloed database that will grow on each contact given, guide downloaded, app registered, email sent, and VIP Ads clipped or redeemed. This client database is accessed when sending a campaign from any of the marketing tools. No longer do you have a separate database for each marketing tool. MyTownVIP™ is revolutionizing the Digital Marketing Arena. Stay tuned for other great innovations – We have a revolutionary one planned for second quarter of 2019.

Digital Marketing Services

Targeting and Retargeting Your Customers Through Synced Campaigns
Delivered Through Multiple Marketing Channels.


One of the most important pieces of your digital marketing efforts and usually the first impression a potential customer will have. Our sites are lightning fast and Search engine optimized. On our dedicated server your website is secure and backed up 3 different ways every day.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Having your website easily found online is paramount to your success. We have a team of SEO experts that will properly connect your business to Google My Business, Google Console and Google Analytics. We will develop a local SEO two-prong strategy that consists of onsite and offsite tasks to raise your website ranking within Google Local and Google Mobile. Our transparent reporting system gives you the confidence that we are doing our job. (You'll also notice an real increase in business.)

Social Media Management

Grow your business by influencing customers through conversations on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Increase your audience of possible customers through our consistent planned campaigns and strategic implementation of paid ads.

VIP Ad Creation System

Give your customers a reason to contact you about your products and services. Available on all marketing platforms so you can generate leads from each marketing platform through offering a “Special” to your customers. Change your Specials monthly or bi-monthly to keep your customers engaged.

Email Campaigns

Still one of the most effective means of targeting an audience to increase your sales. One of the highest digital marketing returns you can use to market your business. So keep collecting emails and growing your list!

VIP Reputation & Review System

There is no denying how important your online reputation is to your business. Four out of five (80%) consumers will reverse their purchase decisions based on negative reviews. This is a direct correlation with your bottom line!

Analytic Reporting

Measuring, analyzing and managing your marketing performance will help you maximize the effectiveness and optimize your return on investment. Become a more effective marketer with our transparent multi-report system. Maximize the positive and eliminate the waste.

Mobile App

Increase brand recognition and customer loyalty by living on the customer's phone. You have direct communication through push and geo notifications. Engage your customers with special offers and stand out from your competition.

Other Services

Take advantage of many other marketing tools available in our dashboard. Everything that you need to grow your business is available there. If you think of something we missed let us know and we will probably implement it for you!

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